To go out with a pair of Roberto Ugolini shoes doesn't mean

to go out with them but to be taken out by them

The foot has 28 bones, 27 articulations, 100 ligaments, 23 muscles

and an extremely ramified nervous and capillary system.

It takes a shoe which is worthy of it

The master Roberto Ugolini and a faraway art

The craft of manufacture and of beautiful, well made, things: shoes.
Shoes as personal identity.
Shoes as uniqueness and diversity.
Shoes as taste and identikit.
In the old workshop in Piazza S.Spirito, since over 20 years, creations destined for the world are born: creations which, step by step, cross this world. From New York to Tokyo, from Singapore to San Francisco, from Seul to Frankfurt. Step by step...Long steps shorten the breath....Short steps shorten the our shoes you experience the emotions of "the first time".

Today the “collection 2018” is born. The RDW line, Ready To Wear. Without compromises and without sacrifices. Same technique, same love, same materials, same warmth, same caution and attention, same charm.
We have decided to give birth to a line to run even further and to take many steps beyond our boundaries.


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